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Let the Sonocaddie AUTO PLAY electronic Golf caddy raise your game to the next level. Purchase your Golf GPS system from us today!
Sonocaddie AUTO PLAY Systemvorraussetzung

Produkt beinhaltet

  Microsoft Windows 7/ XP/ Vista
Sonocaddie AUTO PLAY   (Apple Macintosh is not supported at this time.)
Mini USB Cable CD-ROM
Rechargeable Battery


512 MB RAM (XP) or 1GB RAM (Vista) or higher
Belt Clip 12 MB or more hard disk space
AC Charger Adaptor  
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User's Guide
Carry Pouch
€ 379
Zubehor (öptional)
Mini USB Cable
Rechargeable Battery
Belt Clip
AC Charger Adaptor
Cup Holder
Cart Mount
Suction  Cup
Cart Mount
€ 20
€ 30
€ 10
€ 25
€ 59
€ 49